Winter Bike Excursion, Don’t Be Caught While Your Out On The Trail

The Fall and Winter, depending on where you live, is one of the best times of the year to get out and shake the dust off that mountain bike of yours. It’s time to go enjoy the cool, crisp feel of that cold, crisp air as you  bike over those mountain trails and climb up higher up into the hills.  There is just something about being outside this time of year with the leaves beginning to change and that sun, while it may have lost the intensity of the summer time, it’s still enough to provide you with a good sunburn if you’re not prepared for it. Even when the sun starts to drop about 4:30. And those breezes that seem to bring with them the smells of the countryside as you peddle by make it seem like work is a thousand miles away.  How  great is this feeling right?

But enjoying the outdoors while your biking along means that you need to rely on your  own resources while you’re out there having fun.  So, what happens if you suffer a fall, or if perhaps you pull a leg muscle as your peddling up a hill or down a steep trail and you’re trying to keep that bike and you under control?

Being prepared, like the “Boy Scout” motto is key when you’re heading up a back country trail alone.  Having all the necessary items in an easy to carry knapsack is essential to making sure you have everything you need, when you need it! Everything from some emergency rations, protein bars, dried fruit, even chocolate bars are key to making sure you have some energy producing snacks at hand if you end up spending an extra day out there on a trail, maybe because of some bad weather, or possibly an unexpected broken trail that makes you go a different way. That being said, a good GPS computer or at the least a reliable navigation smartwatch like a Garmin is always a key component to take with you when you’re out on some not-too familiar trails.  Another key piece of equipment you want to carry with you is a light, but  rugged tarp and some parachute cord that you can use to sling a make-shift canopy between a couple of branches to form a lean-to for some shelter and to keep the rain off .

Now, let’s also plan for a possible fall or skid that has you say, parting ways with your bike.  In that case you may suffer some scrapes and bruises, hopefully nothing will be broken, but you may end up with some bruised arms or legs, maybe a sprain.  Or you may simply suffer a shin splint from the exertions of tackling that mountainous trail.  That being the case, hopefully in that trusty back pack of yours you will find a packet of medical aid that can provide you with on the spot icy cold treatment for those inflamed muscles or injuries. I’m talking about the Physicool Icy Cold Bandage Wraps. These reusable compression bandages are sealed in a packet that keeps the bandage wet and ready to apply. Once opened and applied, the bandages can be re-used by applying an application of the “medically approved coolant spray, that is available from Physicool directly by clicking HERE This bandage works by using your own bodies heat from the swollen, bruised areas to enable the cooling process to draw out that heat and allow the cold therapy of the bandage to penetrate into those sore, or strained muscles and thus decrease the amount of swelling and allowing you to feel better faster. It just might be a good idea to keep two or three on hand.

So there you have it, like we said before, this time of year you get some of the best outdoor bike riding experiences, brought to you by “Mother Nature” and you’ll have a front row seat, (bicycle seat that is) to the changing scenery as you peddle up and down those mountain trails.



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