Why And When To Use Cold Therapy Treatment

Why Use Cold Therapy? Cold therapy penetrates into tissues to slow circulation, decrease pain and relax muscle spasms. Athletes have long known the benefits of cold therapy, and even "week-end warriors" will find it beneficial in preventing or reducing swelling after exercise. In addition, using cold to slow circulation is helpful in reducing inflammation, swelling and/or bruising after any type of trauma, dental procedure or even an insect bite. Cold therapy is also used on burns to prevent further tissue damage. 

Typically, treating an injury, muscle strain or even post-operative care was done using ice. Whether it was a cold pack, made of rigid plastic that was pulled out of the freezer or a bag of ice, placed in a plastic bag and wrapped up in a towel. The con’s to using either one of these is that its very hard to place each in the spot where the discomfort is felt the most because our bodies are simply not made of flat surfaces where the ice pack would stay in place. And even if you tie it in place it usually finds a way to come undone and caused the pack to slide away from the painful area. 

Now there is a new, medically approved solution to this problem. It’s called the Physicool Cold Compression Bandage Wraps. It's a unique cooling bandage impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. The alcohols react to the body heat and evaporate when the bandage is worn. This evaporative process draws heat out of the warmest source – local underlying tissue. While the deep tissue is cooling down the compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery.

Now, Just When Should I Use Cold Therapy? Always follow the recommendation of your personal physician, but generally doctors recommend the PRICE protocol (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) during the first 24-48 hours after minor injuries or medical procedures. The Physicool Bandage Wrap Products, provides the perfect solution to cold therapy with gentle compression, making it easier for you to just find a comfortable position to elevate and rest. Since you don't have to fuss with holding a too-cold, slippery, drippy bag of ice in place, and you don't have to jump up to change it every few minutes. Meanwhile, the Physicool   compression bandage products works to improve the condition causing you pain, endorsed by the medical community by providing a combination cold therapy and compression to help provide maximum effectiveness.

Cold Therapy  has long been the preferred treatment for emergencies like household burns, bruises, cuts or scrapes. Tooth-ache or pain and swelling from dental treatments or surgery are often treated with cold therapy. Headaches, including sinus pain or a migraine, can be relieved or minimized with the application of cold applications to the face or back of the neck. The lingering after-effect of sports injuries can often be reduced by the immediate application of cold to the affected area to reduce bruising, swelling, muscle spasm and inflammation. Tendon and/or joint problems such as TMJ, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff (shoulder) pain or most types of knee pain (whether from torn cartilage, hyper-extension, arthritis or surgery) often respond well to cold therapy. Many types of muscle spasm, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain - nearly any condition that involves pain, swelling or inflammation - may be relieved to a surprising degree by the simple application of cold therapy. Our Physicool Cold Compression Products are designed to provide a quick, safe cold compress that you don't have to hold in place - with no dripping or condensation. Cooling, those throbbing, painful areas where you need it, when you need it!

Cold Therapy After a Workout: When you’ve completed your workout for the day, your body needs time to "repair/restore" itself for not only the next training session, but  also to help you move through your normal daily routines in a pain free manner. Your body does this with the help of your blood vessels that brings oxygen to your muscle tissue while removing the waste products of exercise. The most common waste product being lactic acid. Too much lactic acid build-up can cause your muscles to function poorly and will often lead to fatigue, which can also produce more aches then you need. Applying cold treatments, like our Physicool Bandage- Size B, to the sore area, will reduce swelling while flushing lactic acid out of your body. The cold causes your blood vessels to tighten. This helps drain the lactic acid out of your tired muscles. When you take away the cold application, your muscle tissue warms back up, causing a return of oxygenated blood to help your muscles recover.  And unlike some current medical icepacks that you throw away after a one-time use. Our Physicool Cold Therapy Compression products are Reusable!  That’s right, they are machine washable, and with purchasing our patented coolant  our Physicool bandages can be recharged by spraying the coolant directly onto the bandage or spraying the rolled-up bandage while in the foil package. Allow the bandage a few seconds to absorb the coolant.

Hopefully the above  information will provide you with the when  and where you would be best served by applying “Cold Therapy” to help you feel both relief from pain and swelling, by using our product line of choice, the Physicool Cold from PhysicoolUSA.com!


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