Torn Ligament - Knee Injuries Can Sideline That Summertime Fun

There you  were, enjoying the sun, the wind and the feel of that sand as your feet dig into it to lunge for that ball.  Your  right in the groove of playing a killer game of beach volleyball when you first hear that pop, then a sharp pain that radiates from mid-calf right up to your hamstrings. And then your down on that sand waiting for that throbbing pain to stop.  But it doesn’t at least not at first. Then you see your  knee, starting to discolor and beginning to swell out.

Yep, you may not  know it  yet, but you’ve probably torn a ligament in your knee!  If your  lucky, someone near by  will think fast and wrap up some ice in a towel to cover your knee area with.  Better yet, if someone has a medical kit that contains a couple of Physicool Bandages. You may be able to keep that swelling in check by using the wrapping capability of this bandage to compress the knee so that its wrapped and fully encased in the bandage. The benefit of using this type of medical treatment is that the bandage is soaked in an alcohol solution along with other ingredients that draws heat away from inflammation and offers up to 2 and a half hours of cold therapy without needing to be frozen or refrigerated.  This is the perfect medical package to have  on hand since it does not need refrigeration prior to its being applied. And since there is no physical ice involved with the bandage, you’re not going to have to worry about having dripping water around as you try to relieve the swelling and inflammation.

Please keep in mind that using the Physicool Bandage wrap, while being probably the most effective  way of helping to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the knee area, you  still need to get to an emergency room to have the injury checked out so that the true nature of the injury is  identified and treated. Surgery may be needed for an injury if it is indeed a torn ligament.





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