School’s Out...Injuries Are Inevitable

With schools just letting out, most young adults in high school and college are looking forward to a much-deserved rest away from their studies, however, some of them, the ones that take their sports seriously are working in the off season to get an edge up on their fellow athletes.

This is nothing new, how many times during a football or wrestling season have you heard comments about  the team members working out  in the off-season. Lifting weights, doing extra cardio, running sprints. Now a lot of them are even signing up for “Cross-Fit” training and other high intensity exercise regimens that push both their bodies and their endurance to their limits.

With that intense training, various injuries are bound to happen.  It like anything else, when you push something to the limits, either that “something”  is going to get stronger and supple or you might  encounter a stress breaking-point.  Its at times like these that trainers, coaches and you the participant need to be prepared to have the right medical items at hand in order to treat just such an injury.

Most physicians recommend icing an injury of these types as soon as they occur in order to stop the swelling that would take place if no cold therapy was applied.  Now if you are working out, training in a controlled environment, then you  may have  access to an ice machine or a “Cold-Ice immersion tub that you can soak or wrap the injured area immediately. But if this is not the case, you need to be able to treat the injured area with what you may have in your  medical gear.  Luckily, a product  like the Physicool Bandage can supply an icy treatment that is even better than having ice applied.

The Physicool Bandage  is impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. The alcohols react to the body heat and evaporate when the bandage is worn. This evaporative process draws heat out of the warmest source, the local underlying tissue. While the deep tissue is cooling down the compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery.

So, you don’t need to have that insulated chest of plain ice standing by, just in case. The Physicool Bandages, each one sealed in its own individual package is ready to go, just when you need that cold treatment the most. And one of the best things about  this icy bandage treatment is that it will stay right where you place it since it is a bandage that you  can affix right to the injured  area. And its reusable, because it’s washable and can be used again and again with the application of the bottled cooling spray



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