Making Strides In Post-Surgery Recovery Time

Post-surgery pain has always been a factor to a patient’s recovery time.  The amount of time that a patient experiences pain, coincides with the surgery’s overall success rate. If a patient can move quickly from recovery to physical therapy, the better the chances are of the patient making great strides in overcoming the affects of the surgery. Thus, they will spend a smaller amount of time under a doctor’s care, and that of the health care system in general, and be able to get back quicker to their regular way of life before needing to have a surgery done.

It is a given that integrated cold and compression is clinically proven to help reduce swelling and regain range of movement. Reservoir fueled cryotherapy cuffs superseded ice. Now, due to the advantages offered, surgeons and therapists are adopting Physicool as their preferred cooling treatments.  According to NHS, private hospitals along with other healthcare professionals, Physicool Bandage Wraps, are able to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation across a wide range of applications.

When placed on a limb the Coolant (rapidly evaporating alcohols) evaporates absorbing latent heat, thereby reducing swelling and pain. The bandage is manufactured using an open-cell weave which acts as the conduit for the Coolant and offers 2 to 3 hours of cooling before needing to be recharged.  The bandage wrap itself can be machined washed and reused again and again, as long as a fresh application of the patented coolant is applied. This coolant can be purchased for additional applications to the impacted areas so that the penetrating cold therapy affect can continue to keep swelling, inflammation and of course the  pain itself in check.

Because the Physicool Bandage is a wrap, it stays in place, providing cooling therapy without the mess of using standard ice packs. This also allows the patient  to become more mobile as they undergo their physical therapy which helps to speed up their recover time.



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