Just In Case….. Your Ready

Labor Day is just about here, and a lot of families are going to have that last outside party, that signifies the ending of summer.  There’s going to be lots of food, probably the grill and or smoker will be working overtime, cooking off all that holiday fare, from hotdogs and hamburgers to ribs and chicken to make everyone’s mouth water.

What also happens with these get togethers are outside games, from horse-shoes, volley ball to even a couple of innings of backyard baseball, if you have enough people to field a team.  But  with any get together, sometimes the unexpected happens and someone gets injured. It might  be just  a twisted ankle, maybe a sprain. Or you might be looking at a pulled arm or shoulder muscle from someone throwing a pitch just  a little too hard or maybe they’re going after a spike, missing the ball and end up hitting the ground a little too hard that their knees or maybe their forearms or elbows come out the worse for wear.

Now, since this is a party, there’s probably going to be enough ice around, keeping drinks cold that you can use that ice to help reduce the swelling and or inflammation brought on by what ever caused the accident. But ice alone can only help keep the swelling down a bit, but with that ice also comes the added problem of having the ice laden towel, constantly slipping off the injured area or the ice begins to melt causing the injured person to get wet, along with their clothes.

Now, there is a new medically approved product available that provides the same icy treatment as ice, but without the mess of having the ice dripping all over everything, including the person who’s in pain! It’s called the Physicool Bandage,  it’s a bandage wrap that comes in a sealed package. There is no moisture to drip and get all over everyone, or their clothes!  The Physicool Combination Pack includes one size A bandage and one 250ml bottle of coolant. The coolant provides an alcohol-based solution that once applied to the bandage, it draws heat away from the injured area thus reducing the amount of swelling and inflammation, while providing up to 2 and a half hours of cold therapy without needing to be frozen or refrigerated. The combination pack will allow you to get 3-4 uses out of a single bandage. And because Physicool is pulling heat away from injuries rather than putting something cold on top of it, there is never a risk of burning your skin!

So, there you have it, a great little package of insurance to have around your home, especially if your having friends and family over and the unexpected happens. At least you have a little Cold Therapy help available to you, that is, if you have a package of the Physicool Compression Bandages……Just in Case!


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