Injuries, Sprains, Muscle Strains Happen At Home Too

Caring for your  home  is almost as big as a job as going off to work each morning. From making sure the grass is up to the neighborhoods standards. The shrubbery is trimmed and meets with your wife’s expectations that a picture of  your home is worthy of a Better Homes  & Garden’s shoot.  The  trim on the house is freshly painted about  every  5-7 years and so on and so on.

But taking care of these chores on a regular basis is a needy situation, to say the least, especially during Football season, and the pre-games starting up this week.  That being said taking care of the house can sometimes lead to you having a little injury, or  muscle pull or strain.  You know, it  always happens, that’s why they call these unexpected injuries-“Accidents”!

Depending on the severity of the injury, from missing that last step on the ladder as your  climbing down and twisting your foot  when you hit the ground. To having the tree limb, you were cutting break off sooner than expected and hitting your  arm as it  fell to the ground. And my favorite is cleaning the leaves out of  the gutters and your  ladder slips and you find yourself on the ground with a little pain around your  hips, where the bucket broke your  fall.

All of these “Accidents” happen without  any notice, but they happen and because  they do, you  wind up with a few bumps, bruises, and painful  muscle injuries.  Once you’ve determined that these injuries are not bad enough to go to the ER. You know that applying an icy compress to the injured area will help reduce the swelling and numb the pain that’s been growing in intensity  since that tree branch gave way, just to name one example.

Well, before all you had  available was some ice out  of the ice bucket in the freezer or on the front of the fridge, or maybe you were lucky and had  a package of  frozen peas that you can put on your  sore arm, foot or hip.  But  if  all you have is that  ice, that your  now wrapping up in a baggie and placing that in a towel to put on your injury, you can be sure in about 10 minutes that towel and your  injured  area is going to be soaking wet.

Instead of dealing with that wet, dripping towel, now there  is a new medically approved product that uses the warmth of your  skin to bring penetrating cold ice therapy to the injured area.  Physicool compression bandages draw heat away from inflammation and offer up to 2 and a half hours of cold therapy without needing to be frozen or refrigerated.  So  they can be kept in your  bathrooms closet, ready to be used when needed and provide that cold therapeutic aid you need.

Research has shown that when Physicool is applied to lower leg and knee injuries, tissue temperature drops by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Because alcohol evaporates quicker than water, Physicool bandages are able to pull heat away from inflammation through rapid evaporation.  And because Physicool is pulling heat away from injuries rather than putting something cold on top of it, there is never a risk of burning your skin. Physicool is a recognized medical treatment and a staple ingredient of medical institutions, so why isn't it found in your medical kit?


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