If your like me, you love being outside in just  about any kind of weather. But the summer time is one of the best. If  your lucky, you live in an area where you get cool nights and mornings and then mid-afternoon highs in the upper  80’s!  It just makes it the perfect time to get out into the rural areas, a mountain trail is even better to take a good long hike and just enjoy nature.  Not to mention its probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, health wise!

Now if you elect to plot you’re walking course up into the hills to enjoy nature, its always best to take with you some essentials in a back pack. Naturally one that is lightweight and may also double as a hydration pack. This way, you also have an ample supply of water to make sure you stay hydrated in this warmer weather.

Depending on how far you mean to hike, and the general expected weather, you may also want to pack some nutritious food to help keep your  energy up. Granola, raisins, some nuts like almonds, walnuts or plain peanuts will also give you an energy boost while giving you that “Full” feeling as you hike along.

But what  happens if while your walking you unexpectedly turn an ankle, or slip on a rock, or a moss-covered log, lose your  balance and come down, but take the impact with your hands, or arms.  Your  down on the ground now, and when you get over the startled feeling of falling, you realize that something is just not quite right!  You’ve possibly sprained or twisted your ankle, or you’ve bruised your arm in trying to prevent a serious  injury because of your fall.

If in packing your  backpack with what you think are essential items to tote along with you, you also placed in your backpack one or two packages of Physicool’s Cooling Bandages. One bandage wrap that’s good for a knee, leg or shoulder injury  and another Physicool Bandage that’s designed for your ankle, wrist and elbow. The Physicool Compression Bandages draw heat away from inflammation and offer up to 2 and a half hours of cold therapy without needing to be frozen or refrigerated.  They are all ready to go in their sealed easy to open packages and won’t lose their penetrating cold effectiveness until you open the package up.  This makes them one of the best medical products that can go anywhere you go. Hiking, boating, cycling, what ever your outdoor activity is. They are made for active people. Because, active people will sometimes get into a bit of trouble and will need some medical attention from time to time. The Physicool products are made to be there for you when you need them.

Because alcohol evaporates quicker than water, Physicool bandages are able to pull heat away from inflammation through rapid evaporation.  The pre-soaked bandage can be applied quickly to provide instant cooling and promote speedy recovery.  Bandages never need to be refrigerated which means you can take them anywhere! 

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