Going Going Strike!

You thought maybe we were talking about a baseball game with that ball hitting the catcher’s mitt or blasting that little white ball out of the park?  Well no sirree, what I am talking about is rolling a perfect ball about 62 feet. From the center of the foul line that your  standing behind to kissing the front of that “Head Pin’s” sweet spot!

People  in America love to bowl. In fact, there are over 60 million of us  that bowl at least once or twice a year.  Even if it is at your  kids’ birthday party  that you decided to have at the bowling alley.  People love to bowl and many of them, including me belong to a bowling league, maybe more than one.  Bowling like golf is an individual sport that you can play solo or play as part of a team. Your  striving to improve your style or technique which ever you prefer to name it. Bowling is addictive and like most of us, we like to improve our game and that means practice and playing time.  Sometimes we may over do the playing time and feel some ache or pain from our wrist or elbow, depending on how much of a spin or release you use on your  bowling arm.

As many bowlers know, bowling encompasses all the major muscle groups including the hamstrings, quadriceps, rotator cuff complex, gluteus (buttocks), deltoids, and muscles of the upper extremity, along with muscles affecting grip and finger strength. Injuries often involve fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders.  Taking into consideration on how fast you bring that ball around and then release it, your putting pounds of force on your  fingers, wrist, upper and lower arm and not to mention your shoulders and lower back. All because your releasing that ball with a lot of force and in some cases torque, which can compound the force that your releasing it with.

When you feel pain in those overused muscles, tendons and joints, the most widely used method to treat those injuries is the PRICE method. We have spoken about this method of causing an easing of the pain before. Price stands for Protection, Rest, Ice Therapy, Compression and Elevation.  Using this method an implementing the ice and compression portion of it correctly can provide you with the desired effect of reliving the pain and reducing the amount of swelling that is caused by it.

But instead of using an ordinary  ice-pack, the Physicool Bandage Wrap can provide fast, penetrating cold therapy to the overused area, without  the wet, dripping mess that goes along with using plain old ice. 

Physicool provides the key stages of PRICE in a single reusable bandage, providing protection, cooling and compression for the finger to help the healing process. A Physicool bandage   can be applied to the injury and the cooling effect recharged by spraying Physicool Coolant directly onto the bandage whilst it is in position.

Physicool is a unique cotton bandage impregnated with a patented liquid which draws heat away from the affected tissues by rapid evaporation. While the deep tissues are being cooled, the simultaneous compression effects of Physicool modify the inflammatory response to soft tissue damage which helps promote healing.

So  you can see, that with  the proper treatment and rest, you  can be on the mend quicker with the use of the medically approved Physicool Bandage and be able to, if not rolling those strikes again, maybe, just maybe picking up that 7-10 Split!

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