Football, Cheerleaders…. And Sports Injuries!

Yep, it’s that  time of year  again for  anyone who is  geared up over the Fall High School and College Football Season that is ramping up.  There is nothing like heading out to the fields, sitting back in your teams stands and cheering them on to victory. At least that’s my idea of a way to spend a great Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening!

The players are excited, the coaches are excited, even the band is hopped up to help the teams get empowered to play the games of  their  lives.  But unfortunately, a season rarely goes by without  some sort of injury happening to a player.  No one likes to  see this take place, but it inevitably does happen. Usually if it’s a strain or sprain, possibly a hard hit to a shoulder, knee, arm or leg, it  can be treated by the team’s trainer usually by wrapping a towel loaded with ice around the afflicted area.

But now there is another medical treatment that is  being discovered by trainers at every level. Replacing that  wet, dripping towel loaded with ice, that with every movement of the  injured player, finds the ice falling out onto the field, where its not  doing the injured player any good!  No, now there is a new icy cold  treatment that comes conveniently in packaged form that can be carried by any trainer, right  there  in their supply bag. It’s called the Physicool Bandage Wrap 

Physicool has become a reliable rehabilitation essential, enabling athletes and sport enthusiasts to recover quicker. Physicool greatly reduces swelling and inflammation, reducing pain, whilst helping speed up the recovery process – getting players back on their feet faster.

The application of Physicool’s cooling bandage reduces the tissue temperature around the injured site resulting in constriction of the local blood vessels; therefore, reducing blood flow and swelling, treating the injured area. Reducing the amount of swelling early on will reduce the pain as the nerve endings at the injury site will not be as compressed. Therefore, the sooner Physicool is used to treat a sports injury, the greater the benefit and the speedier the rehabilitation.  This provides the injured player with a greater chance of a faster recovery, with less probability of immobility due to compression bandage wrap being applied.

Let’s make sure trainers and coaches are aware of this new, medically approved icy cold therapy, and in the meantime, lets all enjoy the games!



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