Fall Is Harvest Time, But You May Be Bringing In More Than Just Vegetables.

Those of us that love to garden, and I’m talking about growing our own fruits and vegetables here, look forward to the Fall Season as it  is this time of year that we can gather the fruits of our labors.  We prepare our  gardens, getting the soil just  right  depending on the  types  of crops we select to grow. We hoe and weed the rows of healthy growing crops in anticipation of the time of year  in which we harvest our  long-awaited produce.

It takes a lot of work, from picking the ripe products we chose to plant, and Mother Nature’s portion of sunshine and enough rainfall to stimulate the rich ground in which we spent the time sowing and cultivating our plants.

Now that the Fall season has arrived, and we get busy picking our crops, some of us  may experience some aggravated muscle groups, as we bend, stretch or kneel down to the ground in order to pick the choicest vegetables for our dinner tables.

Repetitive gathering of our produce, coupled with that bending and stretching can bring about several types of aches and pains, especially if we are among the “Older Generation” that like to do things for themselves, but  sometimes our bodies let us know we are doing a bit too much, too fast.  Some of these aches and pains can be caused by “Rotator Cuff” issues. This is when there is  a build up of calcium in the rotator cuff area of the shoulder. Calcium forms in the tendon causing a buildup of stress on the tendon, as well as causing irritation which leads to shoulder pain.  This  repetitive motion of stretching as we gather our vegetables can aggravate this tendon to the point where it becomes irritated and then causes pain. Continuing to move in thiis manner only causes the discomfort to increase into a painful event.

The standard symptoms of a person diagnosed with Rotator Cuff Issues are:

Mild to severe pain

Dull Aches in the upper arm, past the elbow to the shoulder

Swelling, along with difficulty performing various movements which causes more pain.

Standard Treatments for Rotator Cuff Pain are:

Painkillers and Anti-Inflammatories


Cortisone Steroid Injections

Cooling Therapy to relieve pain and swelling. Using the guidelines of the PRICE Method of Treatment.

The Price Method stands for:



Ice Treatment

Compression (to reduce swelling)

Elevation: Keeping the injured area  immobile and elevated.

Physicool provides the key stages of PRICE in a single reusable bandage, providing protection, cooling and compression for a shoulder injury to help reduce the pain and swelling. A Physicool bandage can be applied to the injury and the cooling effect recharged by spraying Physicool Coolant directly onto the bandage whilst it is in position.

Physicool is a unique cotton bandage impregnated with a patented liquid which draws heat away from the affected tissues by rapid evaporation. While the deep tissues are being cooled, the simultaneous compression effects of Physicool modify the inflammatory response to soft tissue damage which helps promote healing.

Using this New cold treatment method allows the bandage to naturally act as a compression wrap, while supplying cold penetrating treatment that gets deep into the muscle and tendons which are affected

So, don’t deal with this nagging sharp pain and let it keep you from gathering in your crop  of  healthy produce. Use the Physicool Bandage Wrap size B and just ease up on your repetitious arm movements for a time and you will soon be back filling your baskets with your healthy home-grown harvest.




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