Early morning sunshine heralds in the beginning of summer and for any cyclist, it also means long days of being able to pedal your  bike just  about  anywhere your map  and your  legs will take you. But sometimes we think we are just  a little bit more prepared for a long bike trip then we really are.  Below are just a few of the common injuries any cyclist  can encounter, especially if they haven’t been on a bike since last summer!

Cycling injuries are an unfortunate part of most rider’s relationship with the bike. Some people are more prone than others, but most cyclists will find themselves off the bike and possibly on their  backs at some point.

Some common injuries experienced by cyclists can be treated, and avoided, with home-care. We’ve rounded up the most common, but it’s important to remember that some symptoms may not represent the actual cause and if an injury if they persist, you should see your  family doctor.

Crashes are an unfortunate side effect of cycling.

The obvious advice is to seek medical attention if you’ve crashed heavily. Even if no bones are broken, you may have hit your head. But if the worst you've experienced is a bruised ego for not watching out for that oversized pothole in the road, along with a bruised knee. You  may be able to cut your  inactivity short by applying cold therapy treatment to the afflicted area. And we don't mean slap an ice pack on it or a frozen bag of peas.  No, we are looking at a great, fairly new product, the Physicool Bandage, This bandage provides a unique cooling application because the bandage itself is impregnated with rapidly evaporating alcohols. The alcohols react to the body heat and evaporates when the bandage is worn. This evaporative process draws heat out of the warmest source, the local underlying tissue. While the deep tissue is cooling down the compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery.  Physicool combines compression and support with sustained cooling. Research shows that the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy are enhanced by the simultaneous compression of the affected area.

Knee Pain:

The knee (the cap of which is called the patella) is a joint between the upper and lower leg – and it gets out of joint when something’s not moving right, pulling it in the wrong direction.

Treating knee pain often involves rest, massage, foam rolling and the use of ice, along with a dosage of anti-inflammatories.

Naturally, instead of dealing with a wet, dripping ice bag, that seems like it can't stay in place long enough for the cold to do any good. The Physicool Bandage has a Velcro strap that holds it in place without creating a pressure point. Initially charged with 2-3 hours cooling time, the bandages are reusable and Physicool’s unique cooling effects will still be felt long after removal.

And since it is machine washable you can use  the bandage again and again, saving the expense of purchasing a new bandage. Simply recharge the bandage using the Physicool Refill Coolant and then you can reapply the bandage to the knee as long as it's needed.





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