A Funny Thing Happened While Hunting For Mushrooms

Fall has to be my favorite time of year. When else can you see the seasons change right before your eyes. The air begins to have a crisp feel to it as the morning and evening temperatures begin to drop and its going to be any day now when you wake up and find that first frost turning the ground and grass a silvery color in the moonlight, right before the sun rises for the day.  And you know that sun is rising a bit later now this time of year, right?

But for me, this time of year has another plus, I really like mushrooms, the store variety are fine, most of the year, I use  them in just about everything for cooking. But the ones that I find, scrounging out in the woods have a flavor all their own and I don’t rest until I have a freezer full of them, that is, after I’ve had my fill of the ones that never make it to storage. Yes, Fall is the time of year  when most varieties that are available in the North Eastern United States crop up in the grass, woodland trails, I’ve even found great quantities of “Button” mushrooms on and around golf  courses, while playing a round. It doesn’t get much better than having a good time playing  a round of golf and coming home with a golf bag pouch full of freshly picked mushrooms.

Now, as you can see, it takes quite a bit of walking, looking down and searching for those delicious fungi that can add that extra texture to a meal. It also means that in the searching part, your  going to be walking and walking and walking, which is fine because your  getting a bit of exercise in while constantly stooping and bending down as you search among the leaves and dead branches and foliage that these little rascals like to hide under.

But, with this  hunt for colorful gold, comes a hazard that you may find yourself a victim of. Either tripping and falling or turning an ankle, while your out on some remote forest trail.  If that happens, hopefully you follow the motto of the Boy Scouts  of  always being prepared, by having some ace bandages in a hand pack with you, or better yet, your  packing a package of Physicool Compression Icy Bandages  along with you.

The most important factor that a package of a Physicool Bandage Wrap has over the ordinary “Ace” bandage is, is that the Physicool Bandage turns cold as soon as you wrap the proprietary compression bandage around the injured area.  The bandage draws the heat away from your  injured area and you can immediately feel the cold begin to penetrate your skin and muscles. Getting down deep into the tissue and providing you with soothing relief, that only a cold therapy treatment can provide.

Taking a package of a Physicool Compression Bandage Wraps along with me as I go on my weekend mushroom hunts has become the norm.  It’s the insurance policy that I hope I don’t have to use, but just in case I need that support and cold treatment, it’s there for me, because  I have it with me!

Trust me when I say that if you like to hike, walk or just go for a stroll in the woods, or like me, looking for those elusive funguses, taking a package of the Physicool Bandage Wraps with you on your journey can provide you with the means to relieve your  pain, if unfortunately, you become a victim of a fall or trip.


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