Dr Johnny Alexander Talks Physicool

Bandage Size A

Size A (10cm x 2m) cooling bandage
ideal for treating wrist, elbow and ankle
sprains and injuries.

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Why and Not Ice


Physicool has been essential in keeping my clients up and running. Helping athletes to stay injury free while they are training for triathlons and working full time is one of my biggest challenges as a coach. In trying to manage a busy training/work/life balance very few of my clients have time to sit with ice packs on for hours. The Physicool bandages allow them to be mobile, so if an injury does occur, they are able to treat it with a product that fits in with their lifestyle while still giving them the benefits gained from icing. This then allows them to get back to training far more quickly. I highly recommend Physicool.

Graham Wadsworth – Endurance Coach and Pro Xterra Triathlete

We use Physicool to reduce pain and swelling as part of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program. ­The multi-faceted program focuses on improving patient outcomes and speeding up a patient’s recovery after surgery. The cooling and compressive benefits of Physicool definitely help reduce patient swelling and pain. We want to mobilize patients faster, allowing them to use and bear weight on the limb. Physicool aids this which in turn can help reduce length of stay.

Ruth Cameron, Surgical Care Practitioner, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust

Customer Testimonials


Physicool is used globally within hospitals, therapy practices, out on the sports field and at home. Our products use innovative Rapid Evaporation technology to cool, treat and heal. 

Physicool has now become a household name used by world-renowned surgeons, elite athletes and every-day people alike.

Using Rapid Evaporation technology, Physicool’s cooling products are designed and medically tested to deliver the very best in effective cooling treatment.